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​Finding the best person for your role - and business - can be a challenge

and a source of major frustration. Incoming applications aren't fitting your job description and you feel like your ad is not reaching the right people.

TwoTicks is here to help! We create your ad and place/promote it so you can find the best person for your role. We then review all applicants, vet and phone screen the best fits, search job board databases for ideal candidates and more. Every week you receive a list of the best available people in the market right now. 

  • $1000 worth of promotion included in our fixed fee, maximising your hiring choices.
  • 40+ hours spent on your role by our team.
  • Ongoing support for minimum two months (or until you hire).

Our service is not only cost-effective, but will save you the time and resources involved in managing a hiring process so you can focus on other important business. All that’s left for you to do is interview the best people and hire. Easy.

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